Horse is an iconic and utterly unique singer/songwriter, her voice described as a finely honed instrument, together with breathtaking stagecraft. Her music is both moving and uplifting,  the audience totally absorbed whenever she performs.

With a successful career expanding over three decades, she has toured throughout but also opened for and toured with several international artists including Tina Turner, BB King, Bryan Ferry, Burt Bacarach,

One of her best known songs Careful, was covered by Will Young. Find out more.


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Horse McDonald is the iconic, Scottish singer, songwriter. She has been writing, recording and performing for over 30 years. There are 9 Horse albums to date - the first, The same sky was released on Capitol in 1990. There have been 8 others. 

November 2018,  it was the 25th anniversary of the second Horse album, ”God's Home Movie", named after one of her most successful songs . In 2020 its another big anniversary - the 30th anniversary of The Same Sky, the first Horse album.
Here's a wee snippet of some of her music. 

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